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Vortex Wellness Concepts is about holistic services customized for your needs. Hypnotherapy and Total Body Wellness services separately or combined, create a tranquil state for healing and creating your best life through the blending of medical science, mindfulness, and metaphysics.


Services at Vortex Wellness Concepts

Integrating the Mind, Body, and Spirit


Clinical Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an excellent method for addressing habits or limiting beliefs that are rooted in the subconscious mind. Each session is specific to the client and is designed to address specific goals using techniques such as meditative trance, NLP, visualization techniques, and reframing, in order to guide the client toward lasting changes. Hypnosis is effective for phobias and fears, motivation, spiritual growth, weight management, stress management, confidence building, and much more. All services are performed by a Clinically Certified Hypnotist.

Holistic and Total Body Wellness

Specialized services designed to address wellness for the whole body include a number of specialized techniques for holistic healing and fitness, including  energy alignment, postural stabilization, custom functional fitness program development, custom medical Pilates instruction,  and more, all provided by a Licensed Physical Therapist, a Reiki Practitioner, and Certified Pilates Instructor

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Classes and Group Services

Vortex offers classes and group experiences that allows you to try a service at a reduced rate, have an experience with friends or family, or to participate in a class for more information about transformational topics such as developing your intuitive skills, learning to meditate, understanding the energy meridians/auras, Past Life Regression, and so much more.

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Northern Lights

L.A. Campbell, DPT, MSCS, C.Ht

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Multiple Sclerosis Certified Specialist

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Wellness is about the balance we achieve between physical health, mindset, and integration of those within the "spirit" of self. In this time of making life changes away from overwork and stress to those that support our dreams, we still have habits and thoughts we learned in the past that keep that new life slightly out of reach.
Hypnosis can help us evolve into a new way of thinking and being; Holistic Fitness and Wellness can help us lead active lives while keeping our medical conditions in mind.
I have been working with patients and clients to find holistic wellness for 30 years, including nearly 2 decades devoted to MS and other autoimmune disorders- EVERYONE can find balance and wellness with a professional who is clinically trained to address mind, body, and spirit!


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