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The Trouble-Maker Inner Voice

We all have one: that little voice inside our heads that 'keeps it real'. The worrier, the nay-sayer, the Debbie Downer, the guilt-tripper, the shamer, the confidence destroyer. The little devil on your shoulder.

Why? Well, there are probably a number of beliefs about this- psychological, metaphysical, theological, medical, behavioral- that can tell you why.

But what if you could skip the why and just make a change?

What if changing your mindset could help you focus on the positive things in your world, and not the negative ones? I'm not talking about brainwashing yourself out of reality. I am talking about refocusing.

We have heard it all before: " are you a glass is half-full or half-empty kind of person?" It is as simple as that. Do you tend to see the glass as approaching empty or is it a almost full?

Just as you can study a new topic or learn a new task, you can literally relearn how you focus your thoughts. The tendency of some people to see what is lacking, is just a habit learned from others; it can be re-directed to see what is possible or abundant.

Hypnosis is a very helpful tool for refocusing. In a hypnosis session, you work with the hypnotist to identify what your positive words are how to apply them consistently in order to meet your goals, by working with your subconscious mind. The subconscious is like your 'inner toddler'- it repeatedly does and thinks what it is constantly told to do and think, and it does not understand the word no. If you constantly tell your inner toddler that it is lacking in some way, then it constantly finds ways to support this over and over again; and when you tell it not to do that, well, it doesn't get it.

During hypnosis, a professional hypnotist helps you to teach the subconscious a different idea using positive wording and refocusing on what you actually want, instead of talking about what you don't want. It is a very relaxing and rewarding experience that can help you make the changes that you really want.

It's all about mindset. When you change your perspective, you change your mind. And vice versa.

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